Step One: Pet Partners® Handler Workshop

Pet Partners® Handler Workshop is required as part of the Registration process to be come a Pet Partner® team with your animal.  The course may be taken either in person or on-line. The in-person course is a great opportunity to ask questions of experienced Pet Partners® volunteers, make connections in your local community and witness an entire demonstration of an Evaluation. However, there may not always be a course in your area at a time that works in your schedule, so the online course has been built with that in mind.

The Course is a one-time full day experience for the “human end of the leash”.  Your animal partners will be involved in later activities.  Pet Partners of Central Arkansas, offers four Pet Partners® Handler Workshops per calendar year.  It is an opportunity for the person to receive a thorough training in the responsibilities and considerations necessary for successful volunteering.  The coursework addresses stringent infection control protocols, proactive and safe animal handling, and best practices for interacting with clients.

As a result, teams are prepared, inspiring confidence while visiting. The degree of preparation also offers institutions reassurance. Teams also have access to top-of-the line continuing education opportunities, including full courses and webinars developed in line with current research.


Below you will find links to helpful files & registration forms: