About Pet Partners of Central Arkansas

Pet Partners® is the nation’s largest nonprofit registering handlers of multiple species as volunteer teams providing Animal-Assisted Interventions. With the highest caliber curriculum in the industry, Pet Partners® trains volunteers and evaluates them with their pets for visiting animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, veterans’ centers, hospice, Alzheimer’s facilities, courtrooms, schools and other settings. Pet Partners® offers our teams superior risk

management and the industry’s highest safety standards, continuing education and re-registration and keen attention to dealing with our unique multi-species team population. People and animal volunteer teams are the heart and soul of Pet Partners’ Therapy Animal Program.

Therapy animals aren’t just dogs. Cats, horses, rabbits, pigs, birds, llamas and alpacas, guinea pigs and even rats are eligible for evaluation through the Pet Partners program.

As a national organization, Pet Partners® believes in a community-based partnership which provides support and structure for teams across the country. The local partnership (organized group of Pet Partners® teams) is known as a Community Partner of Pet Partners®.

Pet Partners of Central Arkansas, 501c3 is the central Arkansas Pet Partners® Community Group.
  • It is governed by the Policy and Procedure of Pet Partners® and a Board of Pet Partners of Central Arkansas members. The Board meets monthly and is open to all members to attend.

  • Helps others to become Pet Partner® teams by sponsoring Pet Partner® Handler Workshops and Pet Partner® Evaluations four times a calendar year.

  • Provides General Membership meetings the third Tuesday of every other month on odd numbered months. They are usually dinner meetings at local restaurants or for special events announced in advance. The meetings include a brief business meeting, an educational program and an opportunity to network with other Pet Partner handlers.

  • Maintains a relationship with a number of local hospitals, treatment facilities, and non- profit organizations to assist them in developing and/or maintaining their Animal Assisted Therapy/Activities programs.

  • Participates in community special events such as grief camps for children, suicide prevention events, dog safety training for young school age children, community group presentations.

  • Provides Mentoring, Education and Networking opportunities for those interested in becoming Pet Partners by assisting new teams in locating places for volunteer visits and providing, if desired, opportunities to have a mentor to assist in beginning the process.

  • Provides an optional Paws n’ Practice in which prospective teams can practice the skills necessary to become a Pet Partner team. These practices offer a designated time for an individual team to practice in the presence of and receive feedback from experienced Pet Partner Handlers

  • Provides Mentoring, Education and Networking opportunities for those interested in becoming Pet Partners

  • Six dinner meetings a year provide an opportunity to network with other Pet Partners® and receive ongoing education and information.

  • Dinner meetings are held uneven months on third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. with place to be announced.

  • Voluntary participation in community events which involve animal assisted activities and opportunities.

  • Occasional social Pet Partners of Central Arkansas events